Small Business Local SEO 101


Jul, 2021

Did you know that more than 46% of all Google searches are local? As a small business owner, your company relies on the search of your business and Google results to increase the amount of traffic and revenue you get for your business. Since most people are using tablets and smartphones to find services or products, people are searching for local products and information more than ever before.

If you don’t know how to start your search engine optimization (SEO) or have not hired a reputable company to help you get the results you need, you might be avoiding the topic altogether. Unfortunately, this can significantly impact your business, including unhappy customers, confusion about your business location, and lost revenue. This is why it’s essential to have an understanding of what local SEO is and how it can help your business stand out from the competition. In this post, we’ll discuss what local SEO is and how small businesses can benefit from integrating it into their online strategy.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a term that refers to optimizing your small business website in order to get it ranked higher by search engines like Google. If you own a business where you rely on local traffic, such as a law office, restaurant, retail shop, or grocery store, you’ll want to make sure that you rank for certain keywords typed into the search engine by those who live around you.

The idea behind implementing local SEO in your business is to make sure that your potential and current customers can find the information about you that they need to know in order to visit and purchase from your place of business.

Is Local SEO Different From Standard SEO Principles?

Local SEO is a smaller subdivision of standard SEO principles. The primary difference is that local SEO focuses on attracting local customers, while SEO, in general, focuses on ranking your website without the localization efforts. So, for example, SEO might look like “Best Grill,” while a local SEO search might look like “Grills in New York City.”

The Breakdown Of How Local SEO Works

When you work to integrate local SEO into your business, you’re telling Google where your business is located and that you want local customers to be able to find your services. This helps Google to accurately display your business in local searches to ensure that customers can find what they’re working for, creating a win-win situation for each party.

In order to give Google this information, you’ll need to optimize your website by doing things such as creating a Google My Business account and connect local links. In other words, you need to give Google all the right signals about your business location.

While this sounds great in theory, how does it actually work? Let’s say that you have an auto mechanic shop in Chicago, Illinois. By working on your local SEO, you’ve alerted Google that you’re a local business in Chicago. Google will appropriately rank and optimize this in their search engine so that when a local searches “auto mechanic shop in Chicago” or “auto mechanic shop near me,” you’re going to show up among the results. This helps connect your business with those who need it instead of showing up in a search based in a different state or city.

What Are The Benefits Of Local SEO for Small Businesses?

Now that you understand what Local SEO is and how it works, you might be wondering what the benefits are for small businesses. First, it’s important to note that Local SEO is beneficial for all types of companies! Restaurants, law firms, pharmacies- they’re all able to benefit from implementing local search optimization strategies in their marketing plans. Here are some of the top benefits of integrating it into your small business!

  1. Increase Your Online Visibility

Did you know that the first five results on Google receive¬†67.6% of user clicks? When you invest in local SEO, you’ll be able to gain local visibility to attract the right customers. Your website will show up when people are looking for your type of business, increasing the chances that they find you without paying massive amounts of money on print or online advertising.

  1. Bring More Customers Through The Door

When people find your website through a local SEO campaign, it allows them to find the information they need without ever having to leave their house! Most people are wary about businesses or products they don’t know much about and don’t want to waste time visiting if you’re unable to support their needs. Local SEO helps to move your customers to your business, becoming that beacon of knowledge.

For example, if a potential customer is searching for your restaurant, they’re able to view important information like the menu and hours. This helps prepare customers before they even visit your place of business, increasing the likelihood that they’ll show up to eat.

  1. Improve Traffic On Important Keywords

By ranking in local searches, you’ll see an increase in traffic on keywords that are important to your business. This means that your company has a higher likelihood of clicks and engagement from customers who might not have found your website otherwise! Conversely, when you’re not utilizing local SEO, it’s easy for your business to get lost among the competition or not stand out from the crowd.

  1. Reduce Advertising Costs

Many local small businesses don’t have the funds or resources to advertise their services. But when you work on local SEO, it creates a win-win because not only will you receive the traffic you need, you’ll also be able to reduce the amount of money you spend on other advertising avenues. For example, local SEO can be an alternative to print ads, online advertisements, or even social media.

  1. Increase Local Reviews

When local SEO is incorporated into your marketing strategy, it will help to increase local reviews. Not only does this give potential customers another way of seeing how great you are and what they can expect when visiting your business, but it also gives them the opportunity to share their thoughts with others! When potential customers search for your business and see that other locals enjoy your products or services, they’re likely to visit.

  1. Increase Repeat Customers

When local SEO is implemented correctly, you’ll likely see an increase in repeat customers who are finding your business with a local search. This means that they’re more inclined to come back or refer friends and family, which improves the chances of them being converted into paying customers. Plus, you’ll be able to capture visitors or newcomers to your area!

  1. Build A Community Presence

When you localize your business, you can build a community presence, which is essential to keep your company thriving. You’ll be more recognized in the area and have a higher chance of connecting with other businesses to create mutual relationships and integrate local backlinks. This can lead to more referrals and efficiency within your community.

  1. Build Trust with Your Customers

When local SEO is used, customers can easily find and trust your business. You’ll be able to build the relationships you need while establishing yourself as an expert or source of authority in the local community. Building that kind of relationship with people will help you grow exponentially without needing to spend too much money or time on advertising campaigns!

  1. Increases Engagement

Local SEO also allows you to increase engagement, which is essential for local small businesses. When customers can find what they’re looking for and then engage with your brand on social media, it’s much easier for them to feel that sense of connection and build a relationship! Local SEO is a great way to get in front of your customers and keep them interested in what you have to offer.

The Power of Local SEO For Small Businesses

When you invest in local SEO, you can expect increases in traffic on key local searches, a reduction in advertising costs, as well as an increase in local reviews and engagement with customers. This not only creates a win-win for local small businesses but also helps them to stand out among the competition or from other local shops.

When you’re not utilizing local SEO, it’s easy for your business to get lost among the competition or not stand out from the crowd. However, when potential customers search for your business and see that other locals enjoy your products or services, they’re more likely to visit as well as recommend it! Local SEO is a great way to keep your business in front of your customers and grow exponentially without spending too much money.

Where Can I Get Started with Small Business Local SEO?

If you’re a small business owner and struggling to grow in today’s digital marketplace, our team of experts can help. We have the expertise needed to build your local SEO plan from start to finish that will drive sales to your small business. Contact us for a free consultation or request an estimate online if you want to get started right away!